Makeover – Tummy Tuck + Implants

This patient wanted a mini tummy tuck to improve the abdominal contour and revise the c-section scar.  She had also been considering breast augmentation for years.

She wore a B-cup bra and wanted to have significantly larger breasts.  She had moderate breast sagging, but good skin quality and enough breast tissue to accommodate larger implants.  She decided to have a combined procedure.  She had a “mini-tummy tuck” to tighten the lower abdomen and improve the c-section scar, and breast implants to increase her size and provide a lifting effect.

Her implants were 420cc teardrop-shaped cohesive silicone gel, inserted through an inframmamary incision in a subglandular plane.   Her postoperative photos were taken approximately 3 months after her procedure.